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40 Quick Low Carb Keto Breakfast Ideas

Don’t skip the most important meal of the day. Enjoy these 40 low carb breakfast ideas, most of which can be made ahead and reheated for a quick keto-friendly breakfast!

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1. Keto Blueberry Muffins

An easy low carb and keto recipe for blueberry muffins made with almond flour.

2. Keto Stuffed Breakfast Biscuits

Keto Breakfast biscuits hugging gooey, melty cheese and breakfast sausage. Perfect for those who are not a fan of eggs! Freeze and eat all week.

via HowToThisAndThat

3. Keto Everything Bagels

Easy Keto Everything Bagels Recipe – delicious everything bagels that are low carb using just cheese, eggs, and everything bagel seasonings for a filling keto bagel everyone will love!

via SweetCsDesigns

4. Low Carb Keto Almond Flour Waffles

Gluten-free and keto-friendly almond flour waffles that are so good, you won’t know the difference!

via Yummly

5. Keto Breakfast Casserole

This Low Carb Breakfast Casserole is a great savory addition to your breakfast lineup. It can be made ahead of time for busy mornings and is completely picky eater approved!

via ThisMomsMenu

6. Keto Blueberry French Toast Casserole

Waking up to a hearty and delicious Keto breakfast is the perfect way to start the day! This Keto Blueberry French Toast Casserole is an amazing balance of sweet and delicious, with a nice taste of blueberry.

via KaseyTrenum

7. Keto White Cheddar Sausage Biscuits

These Keto White Cheddar Sausage Breakfast Biscuits are perfect for any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner!

via PeaceLoveAndLowCarb

8. Keto French Toast Casserole

This Gluten Free & Keto French Toast Casserole is a Quick Breakfast Bake Made with Low Carb Fathead Dough, Eggs and Cinnamon. It’s the Perfect Easy Keto Breakfast or Brunch For the Holidays.

via OfficiallyGlutenFree

9. Low Carb Cheddar Zucchini Muffins

These savoury keto muffins are great for breakfast that can be made ahead and reheated as a keto snack.

via MyKetoKitchen

10. Keto Low Carb Bacon, Egg, and Spinach Breakfast Casserole

Low-Carb Keto Bacon, Egg, and Spinach Breakfast Casserole is the perfect quick and easy make-ahead, meal-prep dish with cheese, mushrooms, and peppers. This dish is keto friendly and perfect for keto diets. Serve this dish for your holiday breakfasts and brunch!

via StaySnatched

11. Low Carb Keto Blueberry Pancake Bites

Make healthy breakfast fun with these little low carb blueberry pancake dippers. They’re easy enough to make on a weekday morning!

via AllDayIDreamAboutFood

12. Keto Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Who needs fast food when you can make your own low carb and keto sausage egg mcmuffin right at home. You won’t even miss the english muffin… It’s that GOOD! Keto McMuffin Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

via PeaceLoveAndLowCarb

13. Keto Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche

Crustless Quiche is the perfect low carb keto friendly alternative to a classic quiche recipe. Eggs, ham, zucchini, and cheese are baked to savory perfection. Brunch is served!

via EasyLowCarb

14. Keto Breakfast Deviled Eggs

These Perfect Keto Breakfast Avocado Deviled eggs are not only the perfect deviled egg recipe, but they can also be considered an easy keto breakfast on the go.

via MeganSeelinger

15. Keto Breakfast Sausage Guac Stacks

Keto eating doesn’t have to be complicated and this meal proves that you can eat healthy even when you’re busy. These sausage & guac stacks feature my favourite breakfast ingredients: avocado, eggs and sausage. They’re easy to prepare and take less than 15 minutes.

via KetoDietApp

16. Keto Morning Hot Pockets

These are filled with scrambled eggs and crispy bacon but you can use anything you like – even sweet fillings would work. I made them a week ago while my mom was visiting, and she couldn’t believe they were low-carb.

via KetoDietApp

17. Favorite Keto Breakfast Sandwich

My favorite keto breakfast sandwich is low in carbs, high in healthy fats and off the charts in flavor! The sausage on the outside is the perfect touch to make you not miss the bread at all!

via HeyKetoMama

18. Fluffiest Low Carb Keto Pancakes

The fluffiest low carb keto pancakes ever! This recipe is also gluten-free and sugar-free!

via KetoSpace

19. Low Carb Breakfast Casserole Lasagna

This egg casserole breakfast lasagna won’t take the place of real lasagna, but it’s pretty darn good.

via 730SageStreet

20. Keto Blueberry Bread

This Keto Blueberry Bread is a low carb bread, perfect as a great breakfast or for a quick snack in between meals. This fantastic blueberry bread is gluten-free, grain-free and also sugar-free.

via LowCarbSpark

21. Rocket Fuel Keto Milkshake

A thick, creamy, dairy-free keto milkshake, perfect for breakfast. Thickened with avocado and mega boosted with probiotics and collagen from Vital Proteins vanilla & coconut water grass-fed collagen peptides.

via HealthfulPursuit

22. Keto Egg Wraps

The great thing with these keto egg wraps (apart from being almost zero carbs) is that you can flavour them any way you want. Add some dried rosemary, chopped chives, mint, etc.

via DitchTheCarbs

23. Avocado Bacon and Eggs

Avocado Bacon and eggs – one of our favorite breakfast recipes. They’re topped with cheese and so delicious!

via LilLuna

24. Coconut Flour Belgium Waffle

Scrumptious low carb paleo coconut flour waffles are easy to make. Just mix up the ingredients in a blender then pour in a Belgian waffle maker.

via LowCarbYum

25. Low Carb Cinnamon Keto Cereal

If you’re wondering, what are the lowest carb cereals around for your diet is, this keto cereal has to be it!

via MyKetoKitchen

26. Bacon & Egg Fat Bombs

A fat bomb that’s perfect for breakfast on the go!

via KetoDietApp

27. Maple Walnut Noatmeal

This Maple Walnut NOatmeal (Oat Free Oatmeal) is a game changer. Especially if you’re looking to do more low carb but still love oatmeal, you don’t have to give it up! This version will satisfy you when you’re craving a warm hearty breakfast. This is creamy and has all the nutrients you could ask for. On top of all this amazingness this also happens to be sugar and gluten free.

via NeuroticMommy

28. Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal

If you’re a lover of chia pudding (heck, even if you’re not) this one is a must-try. You have breakfast for almost every day of the week, pre-made, to easily grab and quickly microwave before eating. You get a TON of food (really, this stuff fills you up quick) for the amount of macros, and it’s relatively nutrient dense. You can’t go wrong.

via Ruled.Me

29. Keto Sausage Rolls

These Delicious Homemade Gluten Free & Keto Sausage Rolls are Perfect for Holiday Entertaining. They make a Wonderful Appetizer, Lunch, Brunch or Snack. They’re Made with Low Carb Fathead Dough. Which is an Easy to Make Mozzarella Cheese Based Dough, that’s so Versatile.

via OfficiallyGlutenFree

30. Pumpkin Spice Keto Pancakes

Fall is almost here making these pumpkin spice keto pancakes a great seasonal treat. Low carb pancakes made with coconut flour and completely grain free!

via SugarlessCrystals

31. Low Carb Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

This low carb breakfast casserole will help take your eggs to the next level!

via 730SageStreet

32. Best Keto Bread

This is the Best Keto Bread Recipe we’ve ever tried and we’re confident you’ll feel the same way! It’s perfect for slicing and making into sandwiches or slathering with butter and eating as-is. It has great bread-like texture and no eggy flavor!

via TheKetoQueens

34. Savory Breakfast Cookies

My family went crazy over these keto diet-friendly savory breakfast cookies.  They taste like a hybrid of a cheese biscuit and a frittata, two amazing things married into one savory bite.  The perfect grab-and-go protein-packed breakfast!

via AmeesSavoryDish

35. Keto Raspberry Breakfast Pudding Bowl

Liven up your ketogenic breakfasts with this low-carb pudding bowl recipe. Rich in healthful fats including MCT oil, full-fat coconut milk, and Bob’s Red Mill chia seeds, this smooth pudding is a keto breakfast treat!

via HealthfulPursuit

36. Keto Gingerbread Toast Crunch

Healthy homemade cereal that’ll help you stick to your keto diet when you’re sick of eating eggs.

via KetofiedSisters

37. Keto Pumpkin Spice Egg Loaf

Have you tried the popular keto Egg Loaf yet? Putting a fall twist on it with some pumpkin spice! An easy low carb breakfast with only 6 ingredients and 3g total carbs.

via AllDayIDreamAboutFood

38. Meat Lover’s Breakfast Fathead Pizza

Keto Breakfast Pizza is blowing up the scene! This Meat Lover’s Style is a hit among low carbers… ummm… Yes please!

via HowToThisAndThat

39. Keto Scones with Blueberry

Cute blueberry scones made with almond flour, heavy cream, and a sugar free sweetener. Low carb, keto, and gluten free.

via SavoryTooth

40. Low Carb Keto Chorizo Hash

Chorizo is one of those meats that people tend to overlook when making recipes at home. It has a very distinct flavor and goes great in any southwest flavored dish. If you don’t like Chorizo, that’s fine, substitute in some Italian or breakfast sausage, corned beef, or any other meat that you prefer.

via KetoMidwest

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