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25 Healthy Homemade Pop Tart Recipes That Are Perfectly Snackable

Pop tart fan? We are too! Get cooking with these 25 healthy homemade pop tart recipes that are perfect for snacking!

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1. Homemade Strawberry Pop Tarts

Homemade Strawberry Poptarts, these quick and easy breakfast pastries will be a huge hit with the family!  Can even be made the night before to bake in the morning.

via HouseofYumm

2. Homemade Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts

If you like brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts, you will love my homemade frosted brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts recipe! They taste one million times better and are made completely from scratch with REAL ingredients.

via SallysBakingAddiction

3. Homemade Grape Pop Tarts

Here is a simple recipe for homemade Pop Tarts. I made grape, but you could easily use this recipe to make strawberry, peach, raspberry….

via LivingChicOnTheCheap

4. Homemade Apple Pop Tarts

These apple pie bites are desert served as a breakfast. Nothing wrong with that right?

via BunsInMyOven

5. Homemade S’mores Poptarts

Love the S’more Poptarts that you buy at the store? If you love those, you’re going to fall head over heels for these Homemade S’mores Poptarts! Plus they have so much more filling than the store bought ones!

via BigBearsWife

6. Homemade Lemon Toaster Pastries

These Homemade Lemon Toaster Pastries are easy to make and delicious. I used store-bought lemon curd and pre-made pie dough to whip these up in just a few minutes.

via TaterTotsAndJello

7. Homemade Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts

The taste and texture of these is so close to the original, but better. A little softer and a lot more fudge in the middle! Also, the frosting on top is more of a chocolate royal icing than the hard chocolate coating the store-bought ones have. I just had no clue how to achieve that, but it’s ok because this frosting is better, and not filled with a gazillion ingredients that you will never be able to pronounce.

via HalfBakedHarvest

8. Brown Sugar Pop Tarts

Easy and delicious these Brown Sugar Pop Tarts are a kid-friendly favorite that you can now make at home and are reminiscent of your childhood!

via TheStayAtHomeChef

9. Maple-Cinnamon Oat Pop Tarts

This recipe is very simple and flexible. Feel free to use all white flour or substitute whole wheat (or another whole grain flour) instead the oat flour. The pastry dough only takes about 10 minutes to put together (and you can do most of it in a food processor); after it chills for a short time, roll it out and cut into rectangles. The possibilities for fillings are almost endless. Fill it with cinnamon-sugar, fruit preserves, chocolate, nutella or whatever you like!

via BackToTheCuttingBoard

10. Berry Pop Tarts

Easy to make homemade berry pop tarts that are better than the real thing. Flaky pastry, homemade berry filling and a sweet frosting – pie for breakfast anyone?

via Bake-Eat-Repeat

11. Homemade Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

These homemade pumpkin pie pop tarts are so easy to make and so much better than store bought! Delicious with a cup of coffee for a taste of fall!!

via WereFarFromNormal

12. Homemade Gluten Free Pop Tarts


via ForkAndBeans

13. Apple Spice Pop Tarts

Homemade pop tarts recipe that is easy and tastes amazing made from scratch!! Use this simple baked apple filling recipe or another flavor.

via TemeculaBlogs

14. Homemade Samoas Pop Tarts

Girl Scout cookies might still be available in some areas, but pretty soon, they’ll be gone. Never fear, you can whip up a batch of these Homemade Samoas Pop-Tarts any time you want!

via MomLovesBaking

15. Homemade Raspberry Pop Tarts

My kids love pop tarts.  But, I don’t like how much sugar they have. It is not the way I want they to start out the day. I found a way to make them pop tarts at home – so they have less sugar but all of the flavor!

via PennyPinchinMom

16. Homemade Nutella Pop Tarts

Nutella lovers rejoice!

via CincyShopper

17. Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg Pop Tarts

If you love poptarts, then you will love this fun twist on poptarts using Cadbury Creme Eggs as the filling. 100% from scratch. The frosting “sets” after an hour, making them even more similar to poptarts.

via LayersofHappiness

18. Cherry Pop Tarts

These cherry pop tarts are easy to make, and make the best dessert or snack. Flaky homemade pastry wrapped around a sweet cherry filling – so good!

via Bake-Eat-Repeat

19. Apricot Almond Pop Tarts (Whole Wheat or Gluten Free)

These are incredibly fun to make with kids and can be filled with dozens of sweet things – jam, jelly, marmalade, homemade nutella, chocolate, fruit, etc.

via DeliciouslyOrganic

20. Toffee Crunch Peanut Butter Pop Tarts

We are making breakfast the best (and healthiest) meal of the day with this homemade Toffee Crunch Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts recipe! These pop-tarts are easy to make and, of course, 100% delicious due to the toffee crunch peanut butter center and icing.

via Nuts-N-More-TheSpread

21. Cookies & Cream Poptarts

Cookies & cream have been my favourite combination ever since I was young, so I just had to make these! These pop tarts are a rich chocolaty pastry with a cream filling, topped off with a vanilla glaze and ‘cookies & cream’ cookies. YUM!

via TheLittleBlogofVegan

22. Homemade Peanut Butter and Jelly Pop Tarts

A homemade pop tarts recipe that packed with deliciousness!

via CleverlySimple

23. Vegan Pecan Pie Poptarts

Flaky vegan pie crust filled with pecan pie filling and baked to perfection!

via RabbitAndWolves

24. Homemade Blueberry Poptarts

These pop tarts are filled with a smooth blueberry jam, wrapped in a perfectly crisp, flaky pie crust, and topped with a drizzle of blueberry icing. They’re better than the store-bought ones!

via BlueBowlRecipes

25. Rainbow Pop Tarts

This project is not only good for showing you how to make rainbow pop tarts, but you could also use it to make pink pop tarts, which are definitely next on my agenda! Imagine a pink pop tart with pink icing and pink sprinkles. Adorable!

via AwwSam

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